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Updates You Should Make to Your Plumbing System

As time passes, your plumbing degrades and parts of it need to be replaced. Skilled and licensed plumbers will often tell you to have old plumbing fixtures replaced with newer, water-efficient models. This may cost you much, but considering the consequences of not replacing them, it is better that you do so. Not only are you doing your pocket a favour, as you are also doing the environment a favour. When upgrading the plumbing fixtures in your home, here are the things that have to be done for you (or you need to do yourself):


 1. New drain installation: New drains not only make sinks, tubs, and showers look new, these also make these parts of the home more hygienic.


 2. Aerator replacement: Aerators are small pieces of metal that need to be attached to taps so the water flows evenly. Over time, sediment and composites will accumulate and cause the taps to not flow so well. Rust and erosion do the same, and thus, if you find any of these in the aerators, have them replaced immediately.


3. Get efficient shower heads: Having efficient shower heads installed saves you money, as they will usually focus the water to you instead of spreading it around. This may sound like an additional cost, especially if you are on a tight budget, but by investing in an efficient shower head, you can save so much money, which you can use for other important things.


 4. Get a water-efficient toilet: Newer toilets have two flushes, one that uses less water and another that uses more water.


 5. Buy more efficient water heaters: Older heaters are no longer effective unlike modern models, which do not require a lot of power to heat water. Thus, by getting energy efficient water heaters, you save money on your electricity bill.


 6. Get leaking taps, toilets, pipes, and sinks fixed: Leaky taps, pipes, toilets, and sinks waste several gallons of water yearly, a needless cost. Tap and toilet assemblies can have more then ten moving parts, and caution may be needed in the installation of sinks and pipes, and for these reasons, unless you know what you need to do, the best advice is hiring professionals.


7. Upgrade pipe materials: Galvanised steel is outdated and can erode quickly, causing the quality of your drinking water to be diminished. Pipes made of PVC or copper do not cost much and are not that hard to maintain at all.


Many of these updates allow you to save money by reducing how much water is used in accomplishing certain tasks. Contact your friendly neighbourhood plumber to know more about updating your plumbing fixtures.