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Emergency Plumbing

Do you have a Plumbing Emergency?

Got burst pipes? Don’t panic and contact a professional plumber as soon as possible.At Plumber Darling Point, we take care of all your plumbing needs quickly and professionally. Our emergency plumbers certified to handle different types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • ✔ Hot water emergencies
  • ✔ Blocked drains
  • ✔ Leaks or burst pipes

Why Plumber Darling Point?

  • Quality work at a fair price
  • 1-hour response time, anywhere in Darling Point
  • Over 10,000 cases of household emergencies solved each month
  • Professional plumbing, friendly service
  • All Day, All Night service

For quick response, call us immediately on 0402 290 290. and get rewarded with special DISCOUNTS!


Finding a plumber in Darling Point

“There’s a blocked toilet.” Eugene looked up from his computer. Mara looked back expectantly.

“Which one?” Eugene prompted, pulling out the maintenance log book to note it down.

“The women’s,” she responded as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“The middle toilet,” Danielle chimed in, dropping a mailing list on the reception desk. “The water almost flows over the edge when you flush and takes ages to drain. The other two are fairly blocked as well.” Job done, Mara went back to her desk, leaving Danielle and Eugene to deal with the problem. Eugene looked up their regular plumber on the call list and found a big line through it, realising after he saw it that the man had retired six months ago. He turned to his computer instead and Googled a local Plumber. Before him was pages and pages of contacts. “Here,” Danielle pushed a piece of paper towards him. On it was scrawled a phone number. “A friend works in the area and they’ve used this Plumber before. He’s local and really good, apparently.” Eugene dialled the number and booked the Plumber in to attend that afternoon.

The local Darling Point Plumber arrived on time. Danielle showed him to the women’s bathroom and indicated the offending toilets. The Plumber began plunging the first toilet. He worked hard at it and found it to clear slightly. He tried the other toilets, but they refused to clear. The Neighbourhood Plumber set up his hand auger and got to work running it down the line. He cleared through multiple blockages and retrieved a chunk of sanitary napkins and even a few sheets of soggy office paper. Danielle ran off to get a rubbish bag for the disgusting contents while the Darling Point Plumber kept working on the toilets to ensure the lines were cleared. Once he was satisfied, the Plumber had Danielle flush the toilets. The water drained from the bowl normally. He then cleaned up his work area, including disposing of his nasty find that was causing the blockage. Danielle promised to put signs on the door to instruct staff not to flush anything except the toilet paper, not that she could understand why they would in the first place. They had sanitary bins in every stall!

Do you have a Plumbing Emergency that you need resolved fast? Whether it’s commercial or residential, your local Darling Point Plumber can help! Contact your Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0402 290 290!

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