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Things to Use to Fix Blocked Drains


With our daily use of kitchen sinks and bathrooms, they are likely to block at some time. Ironically, you may have a blocked drain during some of those most inconvenient times, like when you have visitors. However, should this happen, do not panic, look out for the following things to use to fix blocked drains. Chances are they are there right in your kitchen.



· Vinegar

· Baking soda

· Hot water

· Plunger

Try finding the cause of the blockage yourself. Not all blocked drains require you to call a plumber; instead, you should first take a look to identify what is initiating the blockage. If you are able to identify, then you are lucky and your job is half done. With the above locally available materials, proceed as follows


Take a normal wire coat hunger and make it as straight as you can. Then bend over one end to form a small hook. Push it past your drain cover and start scooping. You will be able to fish out various kinds of hair and all the nasty stuff out. Always pull this stuff out; as opposed to pushing it even further. After scooping out as much as you can, run the hot water through it, and whoa! You have a clear drain.


If the method above doesn’t work, use vinegar and baking soda. They are the most locally available things to use to fix blocked drains, and are very effective in clearing more stubborn blocked drains. Luckily, you will most likely find them right in your kitchen. So, get them and boil some water. Pour approximately one cup of baking soda right together with one cup of vinegar into the drain. Allow the same to stay for ten to fifteen minutes so as to dissolve the matter causing blockage. After the ten or so minutes, take the hot water and pour slowly down the drain to eradicate any remaining debris. This provides one of the easiest ways to clear blocked drains.



Blocked drains must be dealt with immediately lest your pipe blocks rendering your kitchen or bathroom sink useless. So, move with speed. Try the above simple methods, which should work really. But in the unlikely event that they do not work, contact the plumber immediately. However, for an average home, the above simple methods will surely work!