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Landscape Drainage Solutions

Having a Blocked Drain is a frustrating problem, and when dealing with this it may seem like a complicated and unhygenic situation, to tackle this problem we must identify the problems. A blocked drain usually causes water to not drain away properly from the bath. Be sure to be wearing protective gear whilst encountering this situation as it can literally get quite messy.


Make sure that you have drain rods which you need to either buy or hire from most DIY shops. Landscaping drainage solutions otherwise cannot be possible to do so. First remove the cover of the drain that is suspected to have been blocked, if it’s sealed tightly it may be due to rust so use a thin sharp object such as a screwdriver to peel off the rust and then take the cover off. Use a crowbar or handle to take off the cover.


Then after opening the cover use the rod along with a plunger to dislodge the waste and blockages which may be very labor intensive so if you’re not physically fit do not attempt this. Then try flushing the water away so it carries away any remaining waste particles.


To avoid future blockages make sure to dispose of water correctly and to clean drains regularly after certain periods of time. This way if a small blockage forms it can be cleared out before it turns into a major problem. Make sure to also never wash away objects which are especially large and or common household waste through drains as it has a great chance of getting clogged.


Homeowners should be responsible for their landscapes and so to avoid this in the future they should take a look into landscaping drainage solutions. Choosing the correct one for your household will be very beneficial.